Google+: Worth the Effort… Or A Waste of Time?

Are you asking yourself why you should be on google+? I mean, no-one else is… so why should you be? Are people telling you that Google+ is just a ‘fad’ and it’s nothing to fuss over? Well, maybe let those people degrade the platform, you never know… eventually it might draw in the public.

Twitter for instance, won giant audiences once more and more people discovered the service. When Facebook came along, everyone used myspace and MSN… until it grew, and grew, and eventually, outgrew the other social media platforms and is now the largest of them all (Social Media News, 2014).

Here I found two main reasons as to why individuals and businesses should not miss out on Google+.

1. Google+ Communities
You are able to build connections with new people who are also active on Google+ that have the same interest as you. Google brands are also able to create and join communities. This is in contrast to Facebook Brand Pages which can’t join Facebook groups (Sherman, 2014).

The video posted below shows an example of communities connecting via Google+.


2. Hangouts and Hangouts on Air

Google allows ‘Hangouts’ where members can participate in video chats with up to nine other people at the same time. It provides opportunities to post to online instantly and also demonstrate to and teach existing and potential customers (Sherman, 2014).

The below video posted shows a cooking group teaching each other over a Google+ ‘hangout’.



Sherman, L. (2014). Six Reasons You Should Be on GooglePlus, Top Big Brands SMB. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2014].

Social Media News, (2014). Social Media Statistics. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Jul. 2014].


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